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At Datunchi Farms

Our Products

We produce a select range of washed and ready to eat loose, packed and value added products:


Datunchi farms is also a cattle breeding company involved in upgrading and multiplying cattle herds with local adaptability and improved performance and produce innovative breeding technology.

We have health compliant slaughter houses which operates on standard health codes supervised by qualified food safety auditors. Some of our cattle products include live cattle, sausages, beef rolls, minced meat and hamburgers.


One of the most recent rapidly developing parts of agriculture in nigeria is that of farming aquatic animals which is called aquaculture. The amount of seafood consumed in nigeria is on a steady increase with which there is a defficiency in supply compared to the very high demand.

In datunchi farms we breed fish broodstock with high fertility, which when joined with good management and care we deliver thousands of fingerlings and juveniles. Our catfish is hardy and shows high resistance to disease with a relatively small amount of health inputs. We supply fish that economically viable and very suitable for retail consumption.


Datunchi farms limited breeds functionally efficient grass cutters. The abilities and hardiness are very important in our multiplication objectives. As a breeder you need to wean healthy, heavy kids rapidly and at a low

cost to generate income. Datunci farms limited delivers this requirement consistently and profitably both for our customers commercial operations and retail consumption.

Datunchi farms does not engage in the practice of feeding our grasscutters with growth hormones to produce animals that superficially appears to be full grown and matured. Our grasscutters are farmed with natural grass with sea salt lick supplements in an ideal facility which develops fertile and hardy grasscutters..


Goat farming is becoming very popular day by day. Many investors are now considering establishing goat farming business with the aim yielding high breeds. This is because goat is one of the main meat and milk producing animals.

At datunchi farms we have the right goat breeds(both foreign and domestic) for our customers commercial and retail consumption needs.


Pig farming has the highest potential for profit of all farm animals because they eat almost everything and produce a large quantity of meat.

Datunchi farms grows its pigs in a very decent and humane environment to produce good quality pork for both consumption and for customers willing to enter into pig farming.


Datunchi farms are equipped with auto climatically controlled and bio secured poultry houses. The poultry houses are tailored towards what is obtainable as the
global standard and practices for poultry production.

The birds are given excellent care and health management through the rearing stage and ultimately to the production stage.